Download Reference No.  NSE/CMPT/12147                                March 19, 2009          

Circular No. NSCC/F&O/C&S/932             



Exclusion of futures and options contracts in Akruti City Limited (AKRUTI)


In pursuance of Byelaws of NSCCL pertaining to Clearing and Settlement of deals, consolidated circular NSCC/F&O/C&S/883 dated September 10, 2008 (download reference no CMPT/11276), Circular nos. NSE/SURV/12/2009 & NSE/F&O/021/2009 dated March 19, 2009 members are hereby informed that the settlement of futures and option contracts in the security Akruti City Limited (AKRUTI) on account of discontinuation in the F&O segment shall be as under.


The following action would be taken by the NSCCL in this regard.

1.     All existing contracts in the underlying AKRUTI i.e. contracts with expiry dates 26 March 2009, 30 April 2009 and 28 May 2009 shall expire on 26 March 2009 and shall be finally settled at the relevant settlement price.

2.     The settlement price to be reckoned for the purpose of final settlement shall be the closing price of AKRUTI in the Capital Market segment of NSE on 26 March 2009.

3.     The details of final settlement in respect of AKRUTI shall be available in the F_PS03 and F_PS04 reports downloaded to members on 26 March 2009.

4.     All positions in the existing futures and options contracts on the underlying AKRUTI shall cease to exist pursuant to the final settlement on 26 March 2009.

5.     The Pay in/pay out of final settlement of all F&O contracts on AKRUTI shall be on 30 March 2009 (T+1 day).


For any further clarifications Members may contact the following officials of the Clearing Corporation: Mr. Harpreet Singh Chawla, Ms. Dinaz Shroff and Mr. Sagar Sawant.


Phone Nos. 022-26598165 Fax Nos: 26598243


Yours faithfully,


For National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd.



Rana Usman