An Issuer Company can issue capital through book building in following two ways:

  • 75% Book Building process
    The option of 75% Book Building is available to all body corporates that are otherwise eligible to make an issue of capital to the public. The securities issued through the book building process are indicated as 'placement portion category' and securities available to public are identified as 'net offer to public'. In this option, underwriting is mandatory to the extent of the net offer to the public. The issue price for the placement portion and offers to public are required to be same.

  • 100% of the net offer to the public through Book Building process
    In the 100% of the net offer to the public, entire issue is made through Book Building process. However, there can be a reservation or firm allotment to a maximum of 5% of the issue size for the permanent employees, shareholders of the company or group companies, persons who, on the date of filing of the draft offer document with the Board, have business association, as depositors, bondholders and subscribers to services, with the issuer making an initial public offering.

The number of bidding centres, in case of 75% book building process should not be less than the number of mandatory collection centres specified by SEBI. In case of 100% book building process, the bidding centres should be at all the places where the recognised stock exchanges are situated.

For additional details, issuers are requested to refer to SEBI guidelines.