Issue Descriptor

Issuer Description Regular Lot
Central Government Compensation Bond GD
  Converted Stock GC
  Floating Rate Bond GF
  Govt. Loan GS
  Partly Paid-up Loan GP
  Treasury Bill TB
  Zero Coupon Bond GZ
  Index Bond GI
State Government Development Loan SG
Public Sector Unit Promissory Note PD
  Taxable Bond PT
  Tax-Free Bond PF
  Zero Coupon Bond PZ
  Cumulative Bond PE
  Infrastructure bonds PI
  Floating Rate PR
  Green Bond PG
Institutions Floating Rate Bond FB
  Non-SLR Bond ID
  SLR Bond IB
  Zero Coupon Bond IZ
  Deep Discount Bond DI
  Tax free bond IF
  Perpetual Bond IP
Supra National Instituitions Taxable Bond FT
  Promissory Note FP
  Tax-Free Bond FF
  Zero-Coupon Bond FZ
  Deep Discount Bond FD
  Floating Rate Bond FR
Banks Bonds BB
  Certificate of Deposit CD
  Floating Rate Bond BF
  Zero Coupon Bonds BZ
  Perpetual Bond BP
Corporates Debentures DB
  Promissory Note CN
  Deep Discount Debentures DC
  Floating Rate Debenture CF
  Infrastructure Bonds CI
  Perpetual Bond DP
Mutual Funds Unit 64 US
  Mutual Fund Units MF
  Cumulative MC
SPV Securitised Debt SD
Local Bodies Municipal Taxable Bonds MT
  Municipal Tax Free Bonds LF
  Statutory Corporations Taxable Bonds TS
  Statutory Corporations Tax-Free Bonds SF
  Zero / Deep Discount MZ
Any Commercial Paper CP

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