Listing on NSE

Companies that are looking for wider exposure to the market and that have expansion and leveraging plans and plan to plough the market for potential sources of equity funding may approach the Exchange for Listing. Listing on NSE has many advantages. A few of the benefits of stock exchange listing are illustrated below.

  • Market exposure to a broader membership of the financial community.
  • Indirect advertising of the companies policies and projects.
  • Improved Brand Equity.
  • Potential for increased capitalization.

First time Listing

Listing of securities takes place in the following markets.

Further Issues

Issuers whose securities are already listed on NSE shall apply for admission to listing on the NSE of any further issue of securities made by them.


Securities Information

This section provides you an insight into the listed securities on the Exchange. Download information from the Securities Information or browser for upcoming listings.


Corporate Information

Information required to be published by Companies under the Listing Agreement and various Corporate governance clauses are available to the public from the below mentioned links.



This section contains useful information and services to Companies. The Compliance Calendar is a utility that enables listed companies to calculate notice period for various compliance norms and to determine the quarterly compliances. Also, provided are circulars issued to companies.


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The higher the Percent of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity the better - it indicates that most buyers are expecting the price of the share to go up.

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