Assess your readiness

Planning to get Listed? A major decision

Going public is the ambition of many growing companies. It corroborates past achievements and propels future growth by access to a more widely distributed capital. NSE’s SME Exchange provides the right launch pad for companies with strong business models and high growth potential. However, going public is a paradigm shift for a private company as it would be required to:


  • Appreciate the need to meet initial and sustained expectations of external investors
  • Appreciate the need to have a team, organization structure and internal processes which bring about investor credibility and capability to efficiently manage the capital market processes and increased level of scrutiny, reporting, compliances and regulatory obligations;

It is therefore critical that before considering a public listing, you have realistic awareness of your current level of preparedness and what needs to be done to become a successfully listed company.


How do I get started for a Listing ?

  • Develop an understanding of the capital markets and the various processes involved in raising funds through an IPO.
  • Weigh the IPO option vis-à-vis other options of raising funds
  • Once you choose to opt for the IPO route make a realistic assessment of your readiness for listing.
  • Start upgrading and strengthening your internal processes and systems to meet the requirements of a publicly listed company.
  • Crystallise your project and capital raising plans
  • Engage a merchant banker to assist you in the IPO process