Complaints not taken up at the Exchange

The Investor Services Cell of the Exchange would not be in a position to deal with certain types of complaints. Illustrative list of nature of complaints that would not be handled by Investor Services Cell are as under:

Complaints against Exchange Members:

  • Complaints in respect of transactions which are already subject matter of Arbitration proceedings
  • Complaint involving payment of funds and transfer of securities to entities other than Trading Member
  • Claims for mental agony/harassment and expenses incurred for pursuing the matter with the ISC
  • Claim for notional loss, opportunity loss for the disputed period or trade
  • Complaints pertaining to trades not executed on the Trading System of the Exchange
  • Claims of sub-broker/authorized persons for private commercial dealings with the trading member
  • Claims relating to transactions which are in the nature of loan or financing which are not within the framework defined by the Exchange
  • Claims which are relating to entities/activities which are not regulated by Exchange

Against a Company:

  • Complaints pertaining to securities not listed on the Exchange
  • Complaints for refund of postal charges, telephone expenses and miscellaneous charges
  • Compensation for mental agony, harassment
  • Notional loss due to delay in receipt of shares sent for transfer or after IPO
  • Complaints which fall outside the purview of the listing agreement and not related to the Exchange
  • Pledge and assignment of shares
  • Inability of complainant to establish ownership of security.

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