Trader Workstation

The trader workstation is the terminal from which the member accesses the trading system. Each trader has a unique identification by way of Trading Member ID and User ID through which he is able to log on to the system for trading or inquiry purposes. A member can have several user IDs allotted to him by which he can have more than one employee using the system concurrently.

The Exchange may also allow a Trading Member to set up a network of dealers in different cities all of whom are provided a connection to the NSE central computer. A Trading Member can define a hierarchy of users of the system with the Corporate Manager at the top followed by the Branch Manager and Dealers.

The Trader Workstation screen of the Trading Member is divided into several major windows:

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Title Bar

Tool Bar

Ticker Window

Market Watch Window

On line Index and Index Inquiry

Inquiry Window

Snap Quote

Order/Trade Window

Systems Message Window

Supplementary Menu

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