Frequently Asked Questions on IPOs

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What is Book Building?

What is the main difference between offer of shares through book building and offer of shares through normal public issue?

What is minimum number of days for which bid should remain open in book building?

Can open outcry system be used for book building?

Is the issue price for placement portion and net offer to public the same?

What is the floor price in case of book building?

Can the Individual Investor use book building facility for making an application?

What are the formalities to be completed by members before participating in an IPO?

Can more than one issue be held simultaneously using NSE IPO system?

Can the bidder revise his bids?

Which members will be allowed to participate in book building of issue?

How to install the IPO software in trading terminal?

What proof can bidder request from trading member for entering bids?

Is it possible to enter bids less than floor price?

Is the Margin amount a compulsory field in order entry?

Can members set up order limits for themselves?

Will the member be able to see the bid details for all the issues?

Can the Syndicate Members set limits on orders to be entered by other members?

Can the Syndicate members modify or cancel the orders of other members?

What are the reports downloaded to Syndicate members?

Will the change in the user level hierarchy in the IPO segment affect any change in the Capital Market Segment or vice versa?

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The higher the Percent of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity the better - it indicates that most buyers are expecting the price of the share to go up.

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