Decision Support Tools / Algorithms trading

Automated Trading” shall mean and include any software or facility by the use of which, upon the fulfillment of certain specified parameters, without the necessity of manual entry of orders, buy/sell orders are automatically generated and pushed into the trading system of the Exchange for the purpose of matching. SEBI has allowed Exchanges to extend Algorithmic trading facility to members involving usage of various Decision Support Tools / algorithms / strategies

Procedure to apply for Decision Support Tools / Algorithms trading (Algo)

To facilitate efficient & easy approval process Algorithms are categorised into ‘Approved algorithms’ through CTCL (which is supplied by vendors) & ‘Non-approved algorithms’ through CTCL

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A) Approved Algorithms

B) Non- Approved Algorithms

C) Institutional Client Algorithms through DMA

Download circular No: NSE/COMP/21992 dated October 23, 2012

Download circular No: NSE/COMP/21991 dated October 23, 2012

Download circular No: NSE/COMP/21990 dated October 23, 2012

Download circular No: NSE/CMTR/21793 dated September 28, 2012

Download circular No: NSE/CMTR/21322 dated July 20, 2012

Download circular No: NSE/CMTR/18314 dated July 8, 2011

Download circular No: NSE/CMTR/17796 dated May 17, 2011

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