Investors' Services
Investor Rights and Obligations

Investor Rights Investor Obligations
The right to get
  • The best price
  • Proof of price/brokerage charged
  • Your money/shares on time
  • Shares through auction where delivery is not received
  • Square up amount where delivery not received in auction
  • Statement of Accounts from trading member
The obligation to
  • Sign a proper Member-Constituent Agreement
  • Possess a valid contract or purchase/sale note
  • Deliver securities with valid documents and proper signatures
The right for redressal against
  • Fraudulent price
  • Unfair brokerage
  • Delays in receipt of money or shares
  • Investor unfriendly companies
The obligation to ensure
  • To make payment on time
  • To Deliver shares on time
  • To send securities for transfer to the company on time
  • Forwarding all the papers received from the company under objections to the broker on time