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Financial Markets: A Beginner's Module

Mutual Funds: A Beginner's Module

Currency Derivatives: A Beginner's Module

Equity Derivatives: A Beginner's Module

Interest Rate Derivatives: A Beginner's Module

Commercial Banking in India : A Beginner's Module

Securities Market (Basic) Module

Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module

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Capital Market (Dealers) Module (CMDM)

Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module (DMDM)

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Fundamental Analysis Module

Options Trading Strategies Module

Operations Risk Management Module

Banking Sector Module

Treasury Management Module

Insurance Module

Macroeconomics for Financial Markets Module

NSDL-Depository Operations Module

Commodities Market Module

Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module

Technical Analysis Module

Mergers and Acquisitions Module

Back Office Operations Module

Wealth Management Module

Project Finance Module

Venture Capital and Private Equity Module

Financial Services Foundation

NSE Certified Quality Analyst Module

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Information Security Services Professionals

Algorithmic Trading Module

Financial Markets (Advanced) Module

Securities Market (Advanced) Module

Derivatives (Advanced) Module

Mutual Funds (Advanced) Module

Options Trading (Advanced) Module

Examinations of Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.

Financial Modeling Course

Business Analytics Module

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

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