Investor Rights and Obligations

Investor Rights - Right To

  • Get Unique Client Code (UCC) allotted
  • Get a copy of KYC and other documents executed
  • Get trades executed in only his/her UCC
  • Place order on meeting the norms agreed to with the Member
  • Get best price
  • Contract note for trades executed
  • Details of charges levied
  • Receive funds and securities on time
  • Receive statement of accounts from trading member
  • Ask for settlement of accounts

Investor Obligations - Under Obligation To

  • Execute Know Your Client (KYC) documents and provide supporting documents
  • Understand the voluntary conditions being agreed with the member
  • Understand the rights given to the Members
  • Read Risk Disclosure Document
  • Understand the product and operational framework and deadlines
  • Pay margins
  • Pay funds and securities for settlement on time
  • Verify details of trades
  • Verify bank account and DP account for funds and securities movement
  • Review contract notes and statement of account

Rights to Remedies

  • Take up a complaint against member with the Exchange
  • Take up a complaint against listed company
  • File arbitration against member if there is dispute
  • Challenge the arbitration award before court of law

Obligation Towards Remedies

  • Take up complaint within reasonable time
  • Complaint to be supported by appropriate documents
  • When additional information is called for provide the same
  • To participate in resolution meetings

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