Bidding Workstation for ASBA user

The Exchange provides a web based application to the SCSBs to enter the ASBA bids. The features of the same are as follows.

The following windows are displayed on the Trader Workstation screen of the User:

Title Bar

The title bar displays the website address followed by the word 'Applications through ASBA'.


The header is the first line below the title bar. It shows the NSE e-IPO logo & the user identification on the left hand corner, application title in the center & utilities (4 numbers) on the right hand side.

Tabs & links

The application functions can be accessed through various tabs & links discussed hereunder:

Controls Brief description on functionality
Home It shall display the issue summary for various issues that are open & closed.
Transaction Inquiry The user shall be able to inquire the details of the transactions entered/uploaded by him
Transaction Entry The user shall be allowed to enter data online.
Bulk upload The user shall be allowed to do batch upload of data.
Reports The user shall be provided various reports.


The body encloses the various functionalities within it & displays the result of various enquiries etc.

Status Bar

On the bottom bar, the current date & time is displayed on the left hand side while on the right hand side, the status of the user login shall be displayed.


SCSB user can view the following reports:

  • Securities Report

    The following details shall be displayed:

    1. Symbol
    2. Series
    3. Company Name
    4. Market Lot
    5. Face Value
    6. Price Range Min
    7. Price Range Max
    8. Cut off Price
    9. Issue Start Date
    10. Issue End Date
    11. Issue Start Time
    12. Issue End Time
    13. Status

    By clicking on 'Download' button, the enquired details displayed on the screen will get downloaded in Securities.csv’ to the selected path of user’s local machine as under.

  • Issue wise Summary

    The following details shall be displayed:

    1. Symbol
    2. Company Name
    3. Total No. of Applications
    4. Total Quantity
    5. Total Value
    6. Issue End Date Time

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